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Learn, Create and Inspire

Welcome to Geetarts Studio, a perfect place for art enthusiasts and creative minds. Our passion for art and creativity has led us to establish a studio space that provides a vibrant and memorable experience for folks of all ages and skill levels. We offer a safe and inspiring studio space where individuals can come together to learn a skill, create artwork of their own and inspire others by engaging in group activities at Geetarts studios.

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Founder of Geetarts Studio

Artist, Instructor & Learning Consultant

As a Learning and Development Leader, I thrive on designing innovative solutions to solve the learning needs of businesses. However, my love for art, painting and instruction has always been my creative outlet to unwind and keep myself motivated to move forward in life.

Check out my portfolio to travel along my artistic journey from being a Hobbyist to an Artrepreneur.  

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Geeta Jakkaraju, MS

Artist Geeta

Classes Journey

Get to Know Us

The idea of Geetarts was born when a mom reached out to me for art lessons for her daughter in 2011. I was so excited as it gave me an opportunity to stay connected with the hobby outside of hectic professional work and also allowed me to mentor and share the knowledge of art to children.

I said yes to the opportunity and a path to Geetarts was initiated. 

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